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Modeling and Stochastic Multiscale Analysis of Polymer-Based Materials
Jeudi 29 février 2024 - 10h00 / Thursday, February 29, 2024 - 10:00 (CET)

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Archives / Past PhD defenses:


Hydro-mechanical modelling of gas transport processes in clay host rocks in the context of a nuclear waster repository


Shear Assessment of Critical Concrete Members in Existing Infrastructure


Finite element computations on foam geometry reconstructed from tomographic images

Mitali Yeshwant JOSHI

City-scale Approaches to Assess the Role of a Realistic Roof Greening in Improving Urban Climate and Habitat

Mostafa KAZEMI

Water Transfer and Insulation Dynamic of Green Roofs with Coarse Recycled Materials

Margaux Boxho

Development of machine learning based wall shear stress models for LES in the presence of adverse pressure gradients and separation

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