The Faculty is organized in four departements/research units.

Aerospace & Mechanical (A&M)

  • Solids, fluids, materials, thermodynamics and applied maths
  • Numerical simulation, experimentation, analytical methods

website of the research unit

Chemical Engineering

  • Process engineering, materials, fluids, physical chemistry
  • Experimental platforms, simulation, integrated approach

website of the research unit

Electrical Engineering and computer science (Montefiore Institute)

  • Systems, control, algorithms, networks, signal, electromagnetism, electricity, microelectronics
  • Numerical methods, mathematical development, software experimentation, material experimentation

website of the research unit

Urban & Environmental Engineering

  • Urban & environmental engineering | Structures and Buildings | Resource Efficiency and Risk Management: Soil, Water, Materials, Energy, Mineral Resources.    
  • Modeling, experimentation and field measurements

website of the research unit


The Faculty is involved in several multi-faculty research units.

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