All the master's programs include a master thesis and an internship.

Different types  of internships are organized.

  • The observation internship lasts for 20 working days.  It is primarily meant to provide students with a first professional experience.  The student is usually integrated in a team and associated to a project. Thereby, he/she learns how projects are typically carried out in industry. 
  • The technical  internship (40 working days) asks for a more substantial work from the trainee.  He/she must demonstrate his/her ability to apply the knowledge and skills acquired during his/her studies and bring a significant contribution to a company project approved by an academic promotor.
  • The long term internship typically lasts for 80 days during which the trainee is completely immersed in a company or in a (private or academic) research laboratory and carries out an independent work as part of his/her master thesis.

If, as a professional, you are interested in taking on a master student for an internship or want to initiate a collaboration through a master's thesis, please fill in the online form below. 


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