Enrolling in the bachelor’s degree in Engineering Sciences requires passing the entrance examination to the study of the Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, more commonly called “Entrance exam.”

All students will sit a written paper about the various mathematics subjects (trigonometry and numerical computation, analytic and synthetic geometry, algebra, calculus) that constitute the program of the entrance examination. This takes the form of four tests lasting each between two and three hours and taken over two consecutive days.

The examination material for the entrance examination is essentially made up of the five topics that compose the program of the mathematics lessons (at high level) of the last three years of secondary school, i.e.:

  • Algebra
  • Calculus
  • Geometry
  • Analytic geometry
  • Trigonometry

Students who have followed the high level mathematics’ classes during their secondary school years have studied all those subjects. All they need is a serious revision; any good student normally prepared by their mathematics teacher usually passes the entrance examination.

Secondary school mathematics teachers, who have regular contacts with the entrance examination jury members, are well informed about the type of questions asked and have had ample time to prepare their pupils to answer them.


Axelle Lambotte
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updated on 4/4/24

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