Students in computer science develop knowledge, know-how and skills in computer science appropriate to analyse, design, develop, integrate, benchmark and test complex information systems. Their achievements often consist in implementing complex products or services combining hardware and software that are used in a wide variety of sectors such as finance, electronic commerce, medicine, transport, telecommunications, bioinformatics,...

Computer science can be studied for its own or in the framework of the master program in computer science in engineering.  Students following both tracks acquire similar skills in computer science but engineers develop a wider scientific background in the different fields of engineering, especially in the related domain of electronics.

Bachelor program

The bachelor program in computer science (180 credits) provides students with the fundamental scientific knowledge and methodological skills that are necessary to build an in-depth knowledge and understanding of computer science.  More basically, it aims at developping their structured reasoning, their ability to use mathematical and computer-based tools in a rigorous way to analyse, model and solve problems, their critical thinking and their autonomy.

In addition to 90 credits in computer science itself, the curriculum includes a large number of courses in mathematics, in English as a foreign language and in technical fields in which IT solutions play a big part.  Relevant topics in economy, management and social sciences are also addressed.

The problem-based learning approach used in many course units and the numerous student projects lead not only to a practical understanding of the different subjects but also contribute to the developpement of the analysis and communication skills of the students.

French is the main language of instruction of the undergraduate program but up to 35 % of the courses are offered in English.


Detailed program

Master program

The master program focuses on the design and implementation of efficient IT solutions to address the specific needs of industries, companies and users.  It provides students with advanced scientific and technical competences in the various aspects of computer sciences :

  • algorithmics and programming,
  • theoretical computer science,
  • computer systems and networks,
  • intelligent systems,
  • digital electronics,
  • signal and image processing,
  • bioinformatics,
  • hig-performance computing,
  • big-data.

According to their elective courses, students receive their master degree with a professional focus either in Computer Systems and Networks or in Intelligent systems.

  Detailed program

Students willing to complement their education with management knowledge and skills can opt for the degree with profesionnal focus in management. They follow then a customized program (30 specific credits) preparing them to receive the master degree in management from HEC-Management School of the University of Liège with only one year of additionnal study.  With this track, they receive therefore a degree in engineering and a degree in management in only three years.

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