Exam schedule 2020-2021

The schedules of the exams are based on the schedules of the courses themselves ; if two courses share the same time slot during the semester, their exams are scheduled on the same date.

Preliminary versions of the schedules are presented together with the course schedules of the bachelor and master programmes.

January 2021

The marks are made available through MyULiege.  Normally they should be available within a month from the end of session.

June 2021

September 2021

More information on the time and location of the tests will be made available on CELCAT .

The schedule is subject to change until 10 days before the session. If an amendment were to be introduced at the last minute, all students concerned would be contacted personally by e-mail.

No booking is made for courses with less than 4 students.

For the oral tests, only one date is proposed on the schedule. Each student is asked to check with the teacher the specific date and time of their exam.

Consulting the exam papers

Every student has the right to consult their examination paper in person, according to the modalities defined by the teacher.

During consultation, the student may take a photo of their paper.  This photo may only be used for private purposes.

The practical modalities of consultation are communicated to the students by the teacher (e-mail, e-campus), via their online timetable (CELCAT) or via the intranet. If you have not received any information, you can make an appointment with the Professor by e-mail.

Text message Alert : results are online !

The moment of the publication of the results is obviously highly anticipated, and causes a massive influx of students to myULiège. From now on, after receiving the text message alert, students will have direct access to their results, as soon as they are published online, without wasting a minute! Please note that this service is not available for "Erasmus" students.


Diploma and pass certifications

To obtain a certificate of achievement or a diploma awarded before 2004, please get in touch with the Student Affairs Office .

For diplomas awarded after 2004, please contact the department of diplomas.

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