The Faculty of Applied Sciences has at its disposal numerous classrooms, which are all equipped with modern audio-visual equipment.The Faculty library is located in the Institute of Mechanics and Civil Engineering (B52). The students also have access to computer rooms, which are equipped with internet-connected computers.


The students of the Faculty of Applied Sciences mainly frequent three buildings:

However, the students will also have to move around the Campus to use classrooms and laboratories in the following buildings :

This list is not exhaustive, and depending on which courses are chosen, the students will probably have to add numerous other classrooms to it. Consult the website of the University of Liège to locate a lecture hall, a classroom or a meeting room.


The University of Liège has one of the largest libraries in Europe. Students have access to thousands of scientific journals and several million books, ranging from the latest releases to old collections. The different libraries, as well as many catalogs of the University are listed on the website of the Network of the ULiègeg libraries. A centralized catalog allows you to search for a document through all the libraries of the University.

The Orbi catalog lists the scientific publications by members of the university community.

La Bibliothèque des Sciences et Techniques - Section Sciences Appliquées et Mathématiques is in the B52 building. It covers the following subjects:

  • Naval architecture
  • Architecture
  • Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
  • Civil engineering
  • Geotechnics
  • Hydraulics
  • Mathematical
  • Mechanical
  • Metallurgy and mineral processing

Management of rooms and equipment

There is a procedure to follow to book a room in the buildings of the University of Liège. To book a room, go to MyULiège and follow the instructions.

IT Tools

Wifi network

Since 2006, the University of Liège is equipped with a WIFI network, made out of over 800 hotspots, which covers the whole of the campus buildings. The network allows a “HotSpot” use (ULiège-Open) and a secure mode (ULiège-Secure). The use of those networks necessitates a valid identification based on the student’s ID and the ULiège password.

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Decentralized Computer Unit (UDI)

Each faculty has a decentralized computer unit in order to organize as best as possible the local computer facilities and to provide users with a proximity logistic support service. More information about the various UDI of the University of Liège.

In our Faculty :

Computer rooms

The University of Liège provides its students with computer rooms to ensure they have access to computers and to the Internet.

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Text-Alert : the results are online !

The moment the results are made available is always impatiently expected, and leads to a massive rush of students onto myULiège…

Now, after getting the text-alert on their mobile, students will get a direct access to their results, as soon as they get online, without any waste of time! Be aware that this service is not available to Erasmus students.

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