Many of you would like to spend part of your studies abroad, under the Erasmus program or other types of student exchange agreements. Students at the School of Engineering are encouraged to go abroad during their 2nd year of Master. However, with the agreement of academic coordinator and  jury chairman, your stay could also be considered in earlier years.

This vade-mecum will help you to follow the steps in the registration procedure for a stay abroad, and above all to identify the role of your contact persons.

Preparing your project

The host university must be chosen from the list of possible destinations, which is updated every year for the School of Engineering. These are universities with which bilateral exchange agreements have been signed. See also the list of TIME agreements .

Every autumn, the Faculty organizes an information session for students interested in studying abroad.

Presentation broadcast at the meeting of 16/10/23 

Following this information session, you will be asked to express your interest in a stay abroad via the online intention form.

Complete the intention form

iconeInfo Special procedure for study periods at a Québec university

The academic coordinators meet in January to allocate destinations to students. You will receive an e-mail from the secretariat informing you of the academic coordinators' decision.

iconeNew ULiège wishes to reinforce the internationalization of its students' curricula by enabling them to take part in mobility programs of varying types and durations. To this end, subsidies have been set aside to support individual short-term student mobility projects (such as summer schools, individual competitions or other projects organized by an outside organization or university) and projects by students taking part in international team competitions.

More information

Preparing your departure

As soon as you receive confirmation of your destination, an online registration procedure must be followed for the Université de Liège. To help you, the International Relations Department has put together a detailed registration procedure.

Information session for stays in 2023-2024

Date Campus Horaire Local


Sart Tilman 12:30 - 13:30 B8 Théâtre Dick Annegarn (0/1)
Opéra 17:00 - 18:00 O2 Bovy (3/7b)
Sart Timan 17:00 - 18:00 B8 Théâtre Dick Annegarn (0/1)
Opéra 12:30 - 13:30 O2 Lejeune (1/3a)
Opéra 14:00 - 15:00 O2 Lejeune (1/3a)

iconeAttention study periods abroad, whatever the destination and duration, at an institution of higher education, including in the context of a double degree or co-diploma, must be entered by students via the form for authorization to stay abroad during the course of their studies.

The Faculty secretariat (Ms. Corinne Bissot) will help you with the administrative formalities, collect your transcripts and assist you in communicating with the various parties involved in the creation of your file.

The contact person for your section is the academic coordinator. He or she will be exclusively responsible for your academic file: in consultation with your  jury chairperson, he or she will approve the list of courses to be taken at the host university.

Mobility students wishing to sublet their kot in Liège during their absence can contact the ULiège housing service or via the HousingAnywhere platform.


iconeNew Additional support from Fonds Pisart

For the academic year 2024-2025, a sum of 45,000 EUR from the Pisart Fund will be distributed equally (identical amount per four-month period spent abroad, regardless of destination) among FSA students receiving an Erasmus grant.

For information, the number of files in 2022-2023 is 67.

Your return

On your return, your grades will be converted according to this grade conversion table drawn up by the International Relations Department.

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