Many of you want to spend part of your studies abroad, as part of the Erasmus program or other types of student exchange agreements. Mobility opportunities are offered to more than 250 foreign universities. Please note however that the number of exchange student per destination is strictly limited.

Mobility projects most naturally take place during the last year of your bachelor or master program. A stay abroad can however also be organized at other moments; this should be discussed with your academic coordinator.

The duration of your stay abroad is settled by the bilateral agreement signed with the partner university.   Most exchanges last for one semester or the full year, to accomodate for the different academic calendars at the different universities. In the framework of the Erasmus program, your stay will never exceed 12 months. 

The TIME Exchange Program offers the possibility for a longer stay of two years at selected partner universities. In the framework of the TIME Double Degree study track, you spend two years at the host institution to earn 120 credits. When you have earned at least 360 credits over your full academic career (bachelor + master) in both your home and host institutions, you will be awarded two fully-fledged degrees, each one legally valid in the country of the awarding institutions. You may then also apply for a TIME Label Certificate.

Preparing your moblity

The details of your project must be discussed with your academic coordinator. He/she will handle your academic file and, together with the president of your ULiège jury, will approve the list of courses to be followed in the partner university.

The secretariat of the Faculty will support you in all administrative steps, collect the grade transcripts and help you to interact with the various parties involved in the constitution of your file.

At the same time, you must also complete a form to request the authorization from the Rector and forward the email you receive to the Students Affairs Office. This mandatory procedure allows you to be covered by ULiège insurance and to make your stay abroad official.

The following vade-mecum (in french)  details the different steps of the enrolment procedure, i.e.

  • Destination choice and online registration at ULiège
  • Registration at the partner university
  • Drawing-up of the learning agreement
  • Final year traineeship or dissertation abroad
  • Grants, accommodation, travel fees

The learning agreement with the description of the study program abroad must be signed before the mobility.


Candidate exchange students must fill in an online registration form (My ULg >gestion>partir en Erasmus).

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