You have chosen our Faculty to complete a part of your degree course. As you will quickly discover, Liège deserves its reputation of “welcoming city.” During your stay with us, our team will be available and will strive to make your stay a successful one, both on an academic and on a personal level.

You will find hereafter all the information you will need to prepare and carry out your project.

Prior to departure - registration procedures

You must draw up a learning agreement with the coordinator of your university. This document lists the courses you will follow at the University of Liège. The contract must be ratified by the academic coordinator of the University of Liège.

You must then enrol “onlinebefore May 15 and send your complete and duly signed paper file before May 31. If you are spending the second semester in Liège, you must enrol online before November 1 and send your documents before November 15. You can download the application form in French or in English.

You might need a visa to enter Belgium. Please ensure you contact the Belgium Embassy in your country and take the necessary steps (you will need the acceptance letter that we will send you as soon as we have received your application file).

For a practical or research internship ? Consult the procedure.

Upon arrival

As soon as you arrive, you must finalize your enrolment at the University of Liège.

Go to the Bureau Erasmus, where you will receive your student card, your password for internet access and your certificates.

You will then be welcomed by your academic coordinator, who will validate your study contract and explain the organisation of the courses and of the examinations.

Before returning

Before you return to your university, you have to meet your academic coordinator to inform him or her of your departure.

The Bureau Erasmus will provide you with your departure certificate.

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