The Faculty is involved in the following multi-faculty research units:



Research in the Faculty of Architecture is developing within the Faculty's Teaching and Research Domains and / or interdisciplinarity around specific themes articulating the disciplinary approaches of different areas of the Faculty or in association with others.


GEOLOGY, a research unit of the Faculty of Sciences, composed of seven laboratories and a platform, proposes to reinforce and develop interdisciplinary research in four priority themes : Earth and Life Evolution, Earth Materials, Earth Processes, and Planetary Geology and Astrobiology.


The GIGA (Interdisciplinary Cluster of Applied Genoproteomics) aims to bring together researchers, clinicians and private sector actors to build an ecosystem conducive to basic and applied research for the benefit of the patient.

Motion Analysis Research Unit

The Human Movement Laboratory conducts assessments in several areas, including clinical sciences, engineering, veterinary medicine, sports ...


Research at HEC Liège is coordinated by PRISME, the Interdisciplinary Research Center in Management Sciences and Economics.


Primarily intended to be interdisciplinary, the SPHERES Research Unit (Faculty of Sciences) takes its name from the various spheres that make up the Earth.


TERRA is a unique interdisciplinary research unit in Belgium that studies and develops biological engineering in the fields of agribusiness, agriculture, biotechnology, environment and forestry.

updated on 6/7/23

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