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Proposals are collected from partner companies and research centers. A summary list of topics is available below.

Please choose your host company as soon as possible to ensure that organizational, technical and administrative details are settled before starting your internship

Read the course description carefully for specific details and discuss it in advance with your supervisor and/or the internship coordinator of your program.


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Administrative procedure

Authorization and agreement


iconeAttention Please note that these administrative procedures take time. It is strongly recommended that students complete them at least one month before the beginning of the internship.

In case of an internship abroad, it is mandatory to ask for the authorization of the Rector in order to make your travel official and to be covered by the ULiège insurance.

Before the beginning of the internship, an agreement must be signed by the intern, the host institution/company and the academic internship coordinator. This agreement will clarify the duties and responsibilities of the different parties involved.

If a specific risk is anticipated, a detailed risk analysis and medical examination must be carried out. The form must be completed by the host organization and returned to the Faculty

If you are doing an internship abroad, you can benefit from an Erasmus internship grant. In this case, the risk analysis form is not necessary.


  Procedure to follow - Step by Step


Specific evaluation procedures are in place in the different master programs. In general, at the end of your internship, you should have this evaluation form completed by your industrial sponsor who should return it to your academic sponsor.

Academic coordinators

Each department has an internship coordinator. The practical organization of the internships is specific to each department of the Faculty. We therefore advise you to contact as soon as possible the coordinator responsible for your program.

Some sections have published their own vade mecum: Chemical and materials science.

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