The digital business world

Information technology has long been an essential support of managing a business. But the role of IT has moved from support to central, many activities now depending heavily on efficient information systems that can manage relations with customers or suppliers, support internal processes, deal with production planning, inventory, and distribution…. Not restricted to support systems, digital technologies also lead to new economic opportunities and managerial challenges: new products to design, new services to offer, new revenue models to ascertain, new ethical questions to address…  Furthermore, many of the fastest growing new business are purely digital, i.e. only offer products that are digital services, such as social networks, search facilities, storage and processing power, or applications of all sorts. 


What training do you ideally need to work in such an environment? Computer and management sciences are both obvious choices.   Furthermore, thinking about what to offer, without knowledge about how to provide it can be futile daydreaming. Conversely, focusing on the how without the what is playing with technology for the sake of it, fun but not the road to a profitable business. The truth is that it is crucial to be knowledgeable in both the what and the how. This is precisely what the new dual master in digital business provides !

The program

This program is organized jointly by the Management School (HEC-Liège) and the School of engineering and Computer Science (Faculté des Sciences Appliquées) of the University of Liège. The organisation is quite simple: you first get a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or Business Engineering (3 years 180 credits). Then you get a first Master degree (2 years, 120 credits) in the area of your Bachelor, but with a strong component of the other area. You are then ready to obtain the second (120 credits) Master in just one year! Furthermore, from the start of the first Master, trans-disciplinary activities are included in the curriculum in order to immerse you from the start in a bi-cultural environment.

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The jobs

It is a unique offering providing full fledged training in both Business and Computer science in a 3 year intensive exciting program. The market will acknowledge you as an expert in each of these fields, and even more importantly, will prize this rare dual competency in digital business.  In particular, if you aim to be CDO (Chief Data Officer), CIO (Chief Information Officer), or  CEO of a digital business, this is the program for you. Our corporate partners are enthusiastic about it.

Conditions of Admission

The double master is reserved for students who have:

  • Obtained a bachelor’s degree in computer science, civil engineering or business engineering.
  • Submitted an application for admission and were selected by the jury.

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