The master's thesis is an original, usually individual, work by which the candidate finishing their master program demonstrates their technical and scientific expertise in their field and their ability to carry out a large scale project. The master's thesis is made under the guidance of a academic promoter and/or an industrial expert.  It is often coupled with an internship in a company or a research centre, in Belgium or abroad. The final test consists in drafting a dissertation presenting the results obtained by the candidate and defending it in front of members of the research staff of the faculty and/or qualified external experts.

List of internship proposal and master thesis topics (reserved access)

 List of internship and master thesis topics (open access)

To increase their chance of completing their master thesis in due time, students are strongly advised to choose their topic as soon as possible, preferably in May or June the year before enrolling in the course. The candidates can then start gathering relevant information and plan a related internship during summer holidays.

The different steps of the realization of a TFE in FSA are described on the portal my FSA student (reserved access).

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