Action-oriented training

The spirit of the engineering or computer science training courses organized by the Faculty can be summarized in a few words: learning to solve problems in a known or unknown context . The problems tackled are obviously mainly technological and the approaches taught are based on the exploitation of scientific knowledge and mathematical modelling, but the approach used is very widely applicable, which allows the graduates of our Faculty to flourish in various careers, sometimes very far from their initial training field.

This pedagogical objective is present at all levels (Bachelor's, Master's, PhD) and determines the organization of the training in which projects allowing a diversity of approaches are very present. This naturally emphasizes interdisciplinarity and creativity , two central characteristics of the Faculty's teaching. In this, the Faculty differs from other higher education programs in similar fields where the emphasis is on problem solving in a well known and codified context.

The orientation of the School of Engineering and Computer Science towards problems in unfamiliar contexts is particularly evident in the open Master's degree projects and culminates in the PhD, which involves not only the exploitation of diverse knowledge, but above all the creation of knowledge to achieve a result.

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