The status of "Student Leader FSA" is granted to any student of the School of Engineering and Computer Science who assumes important responsibilities involving a significant personal investment within the framework of the various bodies of the University of Liege and peripheral associations (ULiège Board of Directors, AEES, Fédé, RCAE...)

Students who obtain the status of "Student Leader FSA" can benefit from various advantages. The simple fact of obtaining the status constitutes in itself a recognition for the student with regard to their faculty, and to their contacts within and outside the University. The status allows the student to showcase his or her personal investment and assumption of responsibilities, for example in front of a future employer.

The Student Leader FSA is accompanied by a member of the academic body designated within the School of Engineering and Computer Science. This privileged contact, known as the "academic tutor", is available to help and facilitate, within the faculty, any useful step that will allow the Student Leader FSA to achieve their objectives. An administrative coordinator is also designated to provide administrative and logistical support throughout the year.

Depending on organizational possibilities, the Student Leader may benefit from adjustments to the schedule or calendar of teaching activities (laboratory session, seminar, date of submission of a paper, etc.) or evaluations. These specific arrangements are subject to the discretion of the teachers concerned. They must be the subject of a reasoned request made within a reasonable time by the student to the professor concerned (with information to the academic tutor and the administrative coordinator).

The Student Leader FSA who so desires and whose volume of activities justifies it may be authorized to reduce their Annual Program to 55 credits.
Whenever possible, the Student Leader FSA may have priority access to the "Study Guidance" and "Employment" services.
The Student Leader FSA may seek advice from the legal services of the University of Liège and, depending on the organization of the FSA and its limits, participate in the training provided by the Human Resources Department of the University of Liège.

More information on the procedure for obtaining this status (Link reserved for FSA students)

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