Located in the exceptional setting of the Sart Tilman Campus, the School of Engineering and Computer Science offers a pleasant, high-quality working environment that encourages meetings and exchanges to develop innovative projects.



Brief presentation

The School of Engineering and Computer Science comprises four teaching and research departments (see detailed descriptions and links below). These bring together some 100 permanent teaching and research staff and over 350 assistants and researchers, supported by technicians and administrative staff dedicated to their teaching and research missions. 

Together, our teaching staff and assistants supervise some 2,000 students enrolled in undergraduate and postgraduate courses in a dozen or so specialties directly relevant to society's needs.  

The internal organization and the freedom given to each teacher-researcher to develop projects that are close to his or her heart encourage exchanges between researchers from different disciplines. Integration within a comprehensive university is also conducive to multi-disciplinary projects involving health and human science specialists. 

The resulting research positions the FSA's research units as major international players in numerous fields of excellence. Research budgets obtained from various local, regional, national and European bodies and industrial partners support the development of a rich infrastructure of over 13,000 m² of laboratory space.  

Above all, however, the FSA is a community of men and women who are committed to working together in an open, inclusive and constructive spirit that unites all parts of the FSA community to offer everyone the best opportunities to flourish.


Aerospace & MechanicsArchitecture, Geology, Environment and Civil engineering (ArGEnCo) / Urban and Environmental Engineering (UEE)Chemical EngineeringElectricity, Electronics and Computer Science (EEI) / Montefiore Institute

Open positions

Academic positions

Eight academic posts are to be filled in the Faculty of Applied Sciences. Applications are due by February 15, 2024.

The Université de Liège, the Faculty of Applied Sciences and its departments offer a range of support services to help new academics settle in:

  • Financial support for private moving expenses;
  • Administrative support for the move and help with the integration of the spouse;
  • Credit for professional installation at the University of Liège;
  • Initial and continuing pedagogical training by the Institut de Formation et de Recherche en Enseignement (IFRES);
  • Introductory seminar on the organization and functioning of the University of Liège;
  • Priority in the allocation of teaching and research credits at the faculty level;
  • Priority in the allocation of research and teaching assistants.

Scientific positions

Administrative, technical, labor and management positions

Student jobs

Student monitors, Si-Pass Leaders, etc. Every year, the School of Engineering and Computer Science recruits many students to strengthen its teams of supervisors.

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Other opportunities at ULiège

As a major job center, ULiège regularly hires new employees. To find out more, visit l'Université de Liège.

Faculté des Sciences Appliquées

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