A PhD is the highest degree awarded by the University. While the Bachelor's and Master's degrees allow for the development of a certain contact with the research activities carried out at the university, obtaining a PhD implies becoming an expert, entering the international research community and developing the creative and innovative skills necessary to push the limits of knowledge. For at least three years, the PhD student conducts original research under the guidance of an academic supervisor. At the end of the process, the candidate writes a thesis presenting their results and defends it publicly before a jury of international experts.

The PhD program is open to holders of an academic master's degree (at least 300 credits). It includes doctoral training with three main objectives:

  • acquisition of specialized skills related to the candidate's field of research (thematic disciplinary training)
  • the improvement of the future employability of the doctoral candidate (transferable skills training);
  • the broadcast of research results through scientific communication (scientific production).


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