For several years, the School of Engineering and Computer Science has been committed to strengthening the links between theory and practice as well as to reinforcing the employability of its students, through numerous projects carried out within the curriculum.

These large-scale projects require a real investment on the part of the student and lead to collaborative work between the sections. They allow students to combine theoretical and practical learning while mobilizing a series of transversal skills that are particularly useful on the job market (group work, mediation, communication, etc.).


Mise à l'épreuve des ingénieurs de demain

Chaque année, les étudiants sont amenés à présenter leurs réalisations devant leurs professeurs, ainsi que devant leurs condisciples et les autres membres de la Faculté.

Robotic arm, wheelchair with ergonomic assistance, master plan for urban planning and territorial development, dimensioning of a drone... Integrated projects occupy a very important place in the training. They are compulsory in all master's programs (up to 15 credits depending on the section, i.e. 1/4 of the work to be done over a year) and, depending on the options, they are also compulsory in the 3rd block of the bachelor's degree. In addition to the work required as part of the curriculum, there are many other possibilities for putting technical and scientific knowledge into practice.

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updated on 4/4/24

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