Basic rules for a successful back-to-school start

  • Register or re-register without delay to allow us to organize the beginning of the academic year as well as possible. Online registration is very quick, requires no immediate payment and can be easily modified until October 30th.
  • Build up your curriculum (PAE) as soon as possible.  Without a PAE, there is no access to online course resources or your personalized schedule in Celcat.

New bachelor students do not have to take any particular steps.  Others may usefully constitute a provisional PAE by using the "curriculum proposal" tool to access online resources while waiting to definitively choose the courses making up their annual program (Please indicate in the communication associating your proposal "Provisional PAE not to be validated" to distinguish it from actual requests).

  • Become acquainted with the practical information shared by teachers via CELCAT, via the teaching commitments and via their specific communications.

Teaching commitments are the best way to find out the specific organizational arrangements adopted in each course.

Practical information will also be detailed during the welcome sessions.


A specific welcome according to your profile

You will find below the welcome modalities and important information to note in order to organize your return to school.

You are registered for the 1st time at the University of Liège 

You are pursuing your bachelor's degree 

You are entering the master's program 

You are an Erasmus student in Liege 

In order to organize the beginning of the school year in the best conditions, it is essential to register or renew your registration without delay, if possible before the date of beginning of the courses.

You are registered for the first time at the University of Liège

The specific welcome of the bachelor students in the Faculty will take place on Wednesday 13 September 2023.

During this morning, you will be welcomed by Professor Eric Delhez, Dean of the School of Engineering and Computer Science. The professors will explain the organization of the courses and the year of study. The student associations and the RCAE will also be present.

The welcome will be followed by a barbecue organized by AEES for all new Bloc 1 students, to be held at Institut Montéfiore (B28) from 11:30 am.

  • Bachelor of Sciences in Engineering and in Architectural Engineering: 9:00 a.m. - Room A604 (B4)
  • Bachelor of Computer Science: 9:00 am - Room A204 (B4)

iconeDownload Download the document concerning the organization of your year:

  • Bachelor of Sciences in Engineering and in Architectural Engineering
  • Bachelor of Computer Science

On Tuesday, October 24 , a welcome evening for new international students and researchers will be held in the Bâtiment central (Salle académique and Salle des professeurs), for regular non-Belgian students who do not hold a Belgian CESS and are enrolling for the first time in a full course.

You're pursuing your bachelor

Classes resume on Thursday 14 September 2023.

In order to help you make your choice of Bachelor in Engineering electives (and thus prepare your future Master's choice), a presentation session will be organized. Details will be posted shortly.

Check the detailed program and the advice to choose your Bachelor in Engineering electives.

You are starting the Master's programme

Classes resume on Thursday 14 September 2023.

Welcoming sessions will be organised by the heads of the different courses - Detailed schedule.

iconeAttentionStudents enrolled in a master's degree via an admission file or a bridge programme must make an appointment by email with the president of the jury of their course in order to establish their annual programme.

You are an Erasmus student in Liège

Check the "International mobility IN" page in order to prepare for your arrival at the University of Liège.

Contact : Corinne Bissot

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